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Registration Details


Registration will open on April 18.  All players must be registered by midnight on May 31 so shirts can be ordered in time for them to be ready by the first game.

Registration is first-come first-served.  Captains are required to register their team first by paying their $30 registration fee plus a $420 deposit ($30 per player) to secure their spot - this ensures teams don't sign up and then drop out, which might prevent another team from signing up or create an imbalance in scheduling if that spot isn't filled.  Once the team meets the minimum registration requirements (15 players properly registered, at least 4 of whom must be female), the $420 will be refunded.  Players who wish to sign up but do not have a team can register as a "Free Agent" to be placed on an existing team.

Due to field availability, the most teams we can have this year is 27 - 9 each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.  Each team would play a round-robin schedule (8 games) against every team in their division during the 6-week regular season.  Everyone will play in a tournament (format TBD) on Saturday, August 6, followed by an after-part at the Red Carpet.  To ensure equal scheduling, the first 16 teams may be assigned to Wednesday or Thursday (8 per night on a first-come, first-served basis).  Once those nights are full, Tuesday registration would be opened and teams that had already registered may be given the chance to change nights.  The first 4 teams who register for Tuesday will be put on a waiting list - at least 5 teams are needed to add a Tuesday division (due to scheduling and costs for field rental and officials).  If fewer than 5 teams register for Tuesday, 1 team may be added to Wednesday and 1 team to Thursday on a first-come, first-served basis.  If 8 teams register for Tuesday (24 teams total), then finally one more spot on each night will be opened for a total of 9 on each night (27 total).  

This year, captains will be required to designate a co-captain who will act as captain if the primary captain is unavailable.  Also, players will be required to upload a recent photo to their profile that can be used for roster checks.  Finally, captains will be held liable for any injury or damage caused by an unregistered player participating on his or her team.

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